Della Mae on Patreon

If you’ve been wondering how best to stay connected to Della Mae during this time where touring is on hold, Patreon is a wonderful way to keep up with what the Della’s are up to.

Here’s a note from the band with more scoop on their Patreon offerings…

Hello First Song Dancer!

As you all know we are in the middle of something huge. A world-changing event that will affect artists of all kinds in the coming months and years. We have had cancellations through April and most of May (so far), and are trying to figure out how to best support each other during this time. It is very important that the women who have been performing with us can pay their rent, healthcare expenses, and put food on the table. We have started this band Patreon account to try and offset some of these losses. We’re also doing this as a way to stay connected and musically motivated now that we’re home instead of on our album release tour for ”Headlight”.

This account will give you an insider’s view of the Della Mae world. The way we write songs, work on tunes, practice, the way we think about life and touring. We do not all live in the same region of the United States, so these contributions should bring out some creativity and really interesting stuff!

THE PLAN: We are going to be dropping lots of old recordings, photos, and memories. We plan on answering your questions about the band and our travels….ever wonder who snores the loudest? If you’ve been following Della Mae for a while this should be a treat.

If you feel that you can spare it, please sign up to contribute monthly. We will make sure that your contributions are distributed amongst the women who make up this band.

This might be a lonely time stuck in our houses, but we don’t have to be isolated from one another in the great wide world of the internet. Lets make some new memories and learn more about one another. This seems like a great way to do it!