Cooking class

A great marketing plan is like cooking a great meal.

It’s about preparation, ingredients, timing, when to turn the heat up, when to turn the heat down, and knowing what goes well together.

Don’t over-season. But that doesn’t mean your meal has to be bland. Allow the distinct flavors to come through. Don’t muss it all up in one pile of mash.

Try something new. But by all means do your homework – get a good recipe.

Think about who you’re cooking for – know what your guests are allergic to.

Be prepared for things to go differently than expected. Make sure you have enough of what you know people are going to want more of, and be ready to make more of other things if you are pleasantly surprised by something you didn’t know they’d like.

Pay attention to what’s leftover – remember that for next time.

And most of all, enjoy the experience of making the meal – as it is most of the experience!