A toast to the venturers

Every year I say WHAT A YEAR. As if it’s the first time I’ve thought that.

I take stock of what we’ve learned in the year. I marvel and what our artists have accomplished – outwardly and inwardly. The journey of the artist is public and private, professional and personal.

In 1993 I adopted a mantra that has stuck with me, and never failed me the last 20 years and counting. “My life is an adventure.”

I said it to myself when I was first coming out, a challenging experience. When I battled my way through college. When I boarded a flight to San Francisco with a suitcase and a guitar, without the person I was to be moving with. When I first saw Los Angeles, in over my head managing photo shoots. When I first saw Times Square, hanging a car on an outdoor board. When I jumped into digital. When I walked into my dotcom job the morning I was sure to be laid off. When I landed back in Boston to start all over again. When I first volunteered to help a musician. When I dropped everything and went to business school. When I met and married my partner. Each of the three times I tried to go full time in music. And I say it to myself every time my company agrees to work with a new artist.

All in, I’ve probably said it thousands of times. (I Googled how many days I’ve been alive since 1993, and am pretty sure it’s over 7,000 times.)

I am constantly reminded how lucky I am. How lucky we are.

We make music. We travel the world. We meet all sorts of people. Some we delight. Some we disappoint. Some we amuse. Some we infuriate. But we affect people, and that is the point. We make a difference.

Every venture is a leap of faith. (Leap being the key word.) A vulnerable moment that ushers in more vulnerable moments, if we do it right. And the collective of those vulnerable moments, what we do with them, how we navigate, and who we spend them with – this is the journey.

So this New Year, I raise a toast to the venturers!

You brave, courageous individuals – who endeavor to dream, and follow that dream. Big or small.

You patient, persistent soldiers – who take every step, cherish the walk, know what it takes, and choose loving the journey over hating the obstacles.

You resilient, passionate creators – who can’t be stopped, must continue, weather the ups and downs, and emerge from every storm still floating in the direction of your best hopes.

I raise a glass to you. You know who you are.

We sure are grateful for you.