Live video of Winterbloom from 2009 “Traditions Rearranged” Tour


Winterbloom is the side-project of five successful, touring singer-songwriters – Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, Rose Polenzani and Natalia Zukerman. While carving their own paths in indie Folk, Americana, Pop and Singer-Songwriter music, each have celebrated one another’s accomplishments on the road, and fostered the spirit of collaboration in the Boston music scene back at home.

They first toured together as “Winterbloom” in November 2009 (see below). They have banded together again, this time to write and record a new song “The Alchemist” for the Ourstage Lilith Fair competition. And they will be offering a collectors CD sampler exclusively at the Boston show of the Lilith Fair called “Winterbloom at Lilith” – more details to come!

Each artist regularly sells out shows in premium Boston area listening rooms and theaters. They have appeared together and separately on NPR (All Things Considered, Soundcheck, Mountain Stage, Folk Alley, Here and Now), XM (Bob Edwards, The Loft, The Village) as well as Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire Public Radio, WERS and WUMB in Boston, among other programs. Their shows are pre/reviewed by Boston publications including The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix, Improper Bostonian. Outside of Boston, they have also received coverage from The New York Times, TimeOut (New York, Chicago, London), New Yorker, Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and many other first rate papers across the country. Their music is heard in advertising – Antje Duvekot (Bank of America), Meg Hutchinson (Target).

They have individually opened for the finest artists touring today – including the Indigo Girls, Ani Difranco, Shawn Colvin, David Gray, Patty Griffin, Joan Baez, Jonatha Brooke, Martin Sexton, Jewel, Richie Havens, Janis Ian, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, John Gorka, Susan Werner, Chris Trapper, Glen Phillips, Catie Curtis, Willy Porter, Kelly Joe Phelps… the list of brilliant performers who have encouraged these new songwriters along the way goes on.
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Antje Duvekot “ranks with the most intense and beautiful singer songwriters on the planet”

-Dave Marsh, former Music Editor, Rolling Stone

Anne Heaton “tender, amusing, barbed and spiritual”

– The Washington Post

Meg Hutchinson “A master of introspective ballads”

-Performing Songwriter

Rose Polenzani “No one can touch her”

-Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls

Natalia Zukerman “bluesy folk-rock tunes, burnished croon, serious guitar chops”

-TimeOut NY


In September 2008, Cambridge MA’s Club Passim manager Matt Smith booked four of the artists to perform in-the-round together at their popular “Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival.” A rare occasion, since by that time all were already sell-out headliners at the venue individually. In that performance, the four women had so much fun, and audience response was so positive, they immediately booked three more shows together for that December. The first full show they played together was at The Living Room and presented by New York’s WFUV “On Your Radar” hosted by John Platt.

In 2009, Duvekot, Heaton, Hutchinson and Zukerman reunited to create, write, arrange, record and perform together officially – and thus “Winterbloom” was born. They released a holiday EP entitled “Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged” which received major media attention. They performed shows across the MidWest, NorthEast and MidAtlantic regions and appeared on nationally syndicated programs like NPR’s Mountain Stage and Folk Alley, XM’s The Village and The Loft. In the Northeast area specifically, they appeared on WUMB,WERS, WKZE, Maine Public Radio, New Hampshire Public Radio and were featured in The Boston Globe during Christmas Week (no small feat).


They received rave response to both the recordings and live shows:

“supergroup adds kick to the holiday season”

“going to replace Bing Crosby”

“a work of beauty, passion and intellect”

“one of my favorites of this year”

“captured an amazing array of emotions”

“Smart, witty, provocative and fun…”

“both fresh and familiar…”

“cast a warm glow”

“the Lilith Fair of holiday EPs”


While it began as a seasonal holiday project, Winterbloom took on a life of its own. The chemistry in songwriting, performance and spirit has led to further collaboration – and growing enthusiasm. Here in Boston, fans have come to cherish the nights these women perform together. The warmth the songwriters brought to winter prompted the Boston Music Festival to ask them to perform also in summer. And thus Winterbloom has taken on new meaning – not only providing winter relief from the holiday blues, but further to represent the beauty and art that comes from hard-working practitioners of the songwriting craft and the true spirit of musical collaboration.

Winterbloom reunited to appear together at The Boston Music Festival on June 6th, and will be taking their holiday tour to Antje’s homeland of Germany this winter (with a handful of dates at select US venues in MA, CT, NY and NJ, too, due to popular demand).

They are pleased to add Lilith to their upcoming news. To make it even sweeter, they invited original Lilith Tour alumna Rose Polenzani to join them! “The Alchemist” is a song that Heaton brought to a handful of co-writing sessions with Duvekot and Polenzani. These sessions resulted in a batch of new songs written specifically for the group’s entry into the OurStage regional Lilith Fair competition. These artists decided to apply to the regional Lilith Fair competition as a collective, honoring the collaborative spirit of the Lilith Fair. They also know their New England fans would get a great thrill out of seeing them perform live together at Lilith Fair.








Winterbloom by marketmonkeys


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