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Scott Alarik covered folk music in the Boston Globe for over 20 years. Pete Seeger calls him “one of the best writers in America,” and the Library Journal called his first book, Deep Community: Adventures in the Modern Folk Underground, “an essential primer of the continuing folk revival.” Alarik is also a singer-songwriter who toured the national folk circuit and performed regularly on A Prairie Home Companion.


“A terrific, cathartic, hard-to-put-down read.” – Mark Moss, editor, Sing Out! The Folk Music Magazine

“…story of love, ambition, and artistic integrity…characters so believable that you want to go hear them in concert.” – Catie Curtis, singer-songwriter

“Months after finishing the book, I still find myself wondering about the fate of the characters…highly entertaining and informative glimpse into the inner workings of the business of folk music.” – Alison Brown, Grammy-winning musician and Compass Records founder.

“I didn’t read this book, I devoured it…When I travel around the folk world today, I am constantly reminded of characters I met in Revival.” – Don White, songwriter, humorist, author

“…a must-read for anyone who has an interest in the world of music and musicians. The characters are so real, I thought they were clients of mine.” – Ralph Jaccodine, music manager, record company executive

“If I wanted to make someone understand why folk music has been my own greatest passion, I’d be likely to hand them a copy of Revival.” – Bob Blackman, folk radio host

“Behind the scenes look at the musician’s life and work from someone as knowledgeable as anyone about the modern folk world.” – David Tamulevich, music manager-agent, The Roots Agency


There has never been a novel like this, a love story set in the subterranean world of modern folk music. Talented, charismatic songwriter Nathan Warren lost his chance at stardom years ago, and now sees his life as waste and ruin. Kit Palmer is young, beautiful, and explosively gifted, but her dreams are also doomed unless she can keep from falling apart on stage. They travel the Boston folk scene as lovers and artists, through basement clubs and funky jam sessions, rowdy open mics and sprawling festivals, seeking stardom for one and redemption for the other.




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