A Marketing Approach to Music

Founded in Boston in 2004, Market Monkeys is an integrated marketing company, established to provide intuitive business-based solutions to music, media, entertainment, and performing arts marketing challenges. Our unique backgrounds in brand advertising, digital media & analytics, eCommerce and local market planning, enable us to offer musicians the best of both worlds – the level of professionalism of a really big company with the hands-on, real-world perspective of folks who value the importance of each and every fan.

Market Monkeys offers services musicians need to plan, promote, sell and grow.

The business is modeled as a marketing company in order to provide the flexibility to work with emerging musicians at various stages in career development, and take advantage of new technology and emerging partnerships in an ever-changing music industry landscape.

Some artists come to Market Monkeys with managers, publicists, booking agents, and street team volunteers already in place. Others are developing any or all of these areas of their businesses. Important distinction – Market Monkeys challenges entrepreneurial singers and songwriters to embrace their ventures as managers of their own careers. We encourage artists to indulge in the parts of that business that are fulfilling for them, and delegate the activities that divert their attention from what they must do to attain their own, self-defined success goals.

A Monkey’s Approach to Marketing
The thing that’s different about Market Monkeys from other music companies is that we break the rules. Sure, we pay attention. We stay up on how everybody in “the industry” does things… But then we swing from our own branches. We work within an industry designed to homogenize music, streamline artist development, and prescribe the public with packaged goods that garner mainstream appeal. We believe there is no fomula for success. Each artist we work with has their own unique definition of success, and we help them achieve goals built around that vision.

We pride ourselves on being sincere to who we are, faithful to our ideas. We’re just doing what we do best — making music and sharing it with people who appreciate true, authentic entertainment that inspires.


What We Do For Musicians


  • Album Budgeting & Release Planning
  • Artist Startup Resources
  • Business Consulting
  • Career Development
  • Copywriting/Content Development
  • Design & Project Management
  • Audience Segmentation & Communications
  • Fundraising & Fan Funding Campaigns
  • Marketing Plans
  • Record Label Collaboration & Management
  • Seasonal Promotions


  • Music Supervision
  • License Clearance
  • Royalty Administration Advice
  • PRO and MRO Relations


  • Advance and VIP Ticketing
  • Local Market Strategy
  • Booking Agency Relations & Management
  • Publicity & Media Relations Management
  • Radio Promotion Management
  • Advancing, Road Management & Merch Sales
  • Street Team Management


  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Domain Registration, Hosting & Maintenance
  • Email & Mobile Marketing
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Online Merchandise Sales & Fulfillment
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production Management & Promotion
  • Web Content Management
  • Web Site Design & Development


  • Merchandise Creation & Logistics
  • CD, Vinyl, Download Card, Apparel Production Management
  • Retail & Digital Distributor Relations
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Offers & Promotions
What We Do For Other Clients

Search Engine Marketing

Web Site Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance

Site Content Management

Database Development

Email Marketing

Project Management

Business Consulting

Marketing & Design

Web Site Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance

Online Merchandise Sales

Seasonal Promotions