John Smith new song + video out today

John Smith has released his first single off of the upcoming The Fray.

A note from John on the lastest release:

Dear Friends,

The Fray is now available to pre-order everywhere
Today I’m releasing a new single, Eye to Eye featuring Sarah Jarosz.

I’m delighted to share with you this video, which features an acoustic version of the song recorded both in Sheffield, England and Nashville, USA…
Sarah and I first met on a festival bill back in 2014 and we’ve been friends ever since. Fast forward five years to 2019: I’m on the road in the American south, driving from Asheville to Nashville. After a long, beautiful week of shows I stopped in to visit the celebrated songwriter Sarah Siskind for Thai food (the touring preference) and an afternoon of drinking coffee and writing songs. We found that we worked very easily together. It’s always a gamble, opening your heart and notepad to someone you’ve just met, but we pulled two full songs from that elusive process… 
Eye to Eye is one of them.
I felt instinctively that Sarah Jarosz was the right person to sing this with me. That voice. When she sent me her vocal part from Nashville to Real World Studios, I knew this song had found the right home.
Eye To Eye is a plea for understanding. It’s about the desire to hold someone’s gaze and feel a sense of belonging. It’s about the desire to make up for lost time, for that effortless and instant acceptance between friends.

Meanwhile… pre-order items are flying off the shelves here at Smith HQ. Thank you so much to everyone who has made a purchase, I’ve been completely floored by the response!
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Love and thanks,