Market Monkeys at Folk Alliance International 2020

We continue to be deeply involved with Folk Alliance International, and look forward to seeing you in New Orleans next week if you are attending. This year, founder Michelle Conceison was enlisted to program speakers, panels, affinity groups, peer sessions – and she launched FAI’s first ever FolkStory project. In addition, Conceison will be moderating a panel entitled “Finding Folk Fans: Who Are They Really?” (2pm Friday) and Market Monkeys’ team member Neil Pearson will be a panelist on “Business Accelorator for Managers” (9am Wednesday) and “Growing Markets: Local, National, International” (2pm Friday), in addition to having programmed the British Underground and British Underground Unplugged rooms. Of our clients, Texas songwriter Kirby Brown will showcase (see below).

Wednesday night:
11:30pm-12:30am Sweet Beaver (1130) – ITR w/Mariel Buckley, Ana Egge, and Kirby Brown

Thursday night:
12:50-1:10am BGS x IVPR x BSR (1020) solo
1:35-1:57am Momentary Love Management (1114) solo
2:15-2:55am Star House Collective (904) – ITR w/Don Brownrigg, This Way North, Hat Fitz and Cara

Saturday night:
2:00-2:10am Momentary Love Management (1114) solo