Rose Cousins performs at Canada Day national celebration

July 5, 2018

On July 1st, Rose Cousins performed on Parliament Hill in celebration Canada Day.  Her appearance was broadcast nationally on television, radio and via live stream.

Fortunate Ones Release “Northern Star” – #4 for 2 weeks on CBC Radio

March 21, 2018

Fortunate Ones’ track “Northern Star” has been on the CBC Music Top 20 radio chart for three weeks, debuted at #14 and at #4 for the last two weeks!  Show your support of the song by voting at:

Rose Cousins Nominated for JUNO Songwriter of the Year

March 20, 2018

This week is JUNO week in Vancouver!  You’ll find Rose Cousins appearing throughout the event, at the JUNO Cup Jam, in the Outlaws & Gunslingers show, in the Songwriter Circle, and a couple other places TBA.  More info at: and

Kirby Brown in Luck Reunion’s Hotel Sessions

February 7, 2018

Wander on over to the Luck Reunion‘s latest innovation “The Luck Journal“… and you’ll find Kirby Brown performing “Broken Bell” – a song from his forthcoming album accompanied by The Texas Gentlemen.

Market Monkeys artists to showcase at Folk Alliance

February 7, 2018

Download printable PDF of all our artists’ full showcase schedules >>

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reflections about patriotism on the 4th of july

July 4, 2018

In the 5 centuries since the term “patriotism” was coined, the word has reinvented itself many times. Traced back to 1590s France, it originally meant brotherhood and union among countrymen. A positive word, it was centered on a core concept of loyalty in community. By the mid-1700s it was redefined for another purpose. Where it once meant unwavering faithfulness to one’s country, it came to refer to individuals who were critical of the prevailing government.

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